pamRBioPhotoPAM RICKARD, RRCA Certified Coach 

Over the 30+ years of her running career, Pam Rickard has completed countless races, including more than 50 marathons and ultra-marathons. Over the past 7 years, her races have taken her across China’s Gobi Desert, on a trek from Italy to France (via the Alps), and through the streets of Boston and New York City, completing each of those iconic marathons five times. But as impressive as that sounds, she will be quick to say that without her finding the foundation for her recovery from addiction back in April of 2006, none of it would have been possible.“The fact that I can run at all now, let alone do it while raising awareness and funds for The Herren Project, is an outrageous gift to me.” Pam says. “Whether it’s a 3-mile training run, or a major event, my mantra is, I don’t have to run, I get to.” Endurance Sport And Fitness Magazine Interview


david-clarkDAVID CLARK, Certified Personal Trainer
Ultra-Marathoner & Endurance Athlete

An accomplished endurance athlete, author and trainer, David found recovery 11 years ago losing 160 pounds, adopting the vegan lifestyle and rededicating his life to helping others live a healthy lifestyle. His journey has taken him from the streets to achieving his GED in his early 20s and then pursing a college education at the University of Colorado. A self-taught businessman, David went on to become President and CEO of a large chain of 13 retail stores only to lose it all to alcoholism, drug addiction and food addiction. At his rock bottom he weighed 320 pounds, had a heart condition, high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic, had two herniated discs and had lost an 8 million dollar a year business.
David ran his first marathon in 2006 and has gone on to compete in over 30 endurance races including Badwater 135 (a 135 mile run across Death Valley) and the Leadville 100. David has also run on a treadmill for 48 hours non-stop to benefit charity, each year on 9/11 runs 343 laps in honor and remembrance of the 343 firefighters lost, in 2014 ran the 2014 Boston Marathon four times in one day and was part of the Ice Breaker Team that ran from CA to VA this past May. David shares his story and transformation in his book Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery.


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