The Purple and Proud Post Prom Grant was launched in 2014 to promote safe and substance-free after prom parties and events. The grant is open to high schools annually who host a prom or an after prom party promoting substance-free fun.
The grant applications are submitted to a panel of Herren Project committee members for review with the names of the schools and organizations excluded from each application to ensure fairness within the selection process. Thank you to all the schools who have participated in the Purple & Proud Grant Program, it is inspiring to see so many groups of dedicated volunteers working together to ensure a safe and memorable prom for high school students nationwide.
To learn more about The Purple and Proud! Post Prom grants please visit the Purple and Proud! Post Prom Grant pageStanding Up. Standing Together. Proud. Purple.

Meet the 2016 Purple and Proud Grant Winners
Meet the 2015 Purple and Proud Grant Winners